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Stuart Howe Federal Campaign 2022

What is a true representative democracy

Politicians tend to forget the basis of a representative democracy...and that is to do what is expected from the majority of their voting constituents...

When taking the time to look closely at what seems to occur in a representative democracy (such as ours) the outcome rarely or truly represents the constituents...we the people do not (unless the candidate is Independent) choose the candidate who will represent us in any precinct/electoral boundary, factions behind the political party branches do the choosing...members of these parties and branches make up approximately 1-2% of the Australian population leaving roughly 98% of Australians out of the process...

Imagine if you will just how these candidates are chosen within the branches...do they stand up before the factions to give speeches on the grand visions each candidate has for our country or are these candidates simply chosen by the level of willingness to tow the line and do what the powers that be...(behind the parties), wish to do...asking one's self how does this process truly manifest itself into being what the majority of Australian people want to see happen or in any way ends up being specific to a true representative democracy...

Why not then choose an Independent that will stand before you and give these speechs of grand vision, why not take a chance with ones precious vote for such a candidate...then at least allowing the average Australian to indeed influence the style and make up of the individual to truly represent all walks of the Australian people.

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Stuart Howe Parkes Electorate NSW

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