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Stuart Howe Federal Campaign 2022

Parkes NSW Campaign Run for 2022 Election

...Stuart Howe...

Australia My Beautiful

It's time for a Political Rev-E-Lation

Where are the great leaders of our time?

Do we believe that great leaders are born into a time in human history when we need them most, did Abraham Lincoln take until he was in his 50's to hone his craft to be ready for the greatest challenge of the 18th century, that of the American civil war......Did the stars suddenly align to have Winston Churchill be there in history for the battle of Britain, for F.D. Roosevelt to take charge of all American industry to churn out the largest production of a Navy fleet and associated weaponary the world has ever seen.....after the bombing of Pearl Harbour in WWII.

Do we believe we can again hope for future leaders that care about people no matter their social standing will again rise to take their place in this our current part of our century or are we destined to carry forward down the path of uncertainty as these simplistic jarring atoms......

If there is such a thing as devine intervention.....I hope they are listening now

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Stuart Howe Parkes Electorate NSW

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