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Stuart Howe Federal Campaign 2022

The chaos that is our current democratic political system

The intent of becoming a Federal Member Of Parliament as an Independent is to not add to the dysfunction of governing our country. People often attribute an Independent candidate with not being able to achieve much without a political party backing, except by being obstructional to minority governments, I beg to differ....As an effective Independent can do, he or she...if the focus is doing the right thing under any circumstance...moves us forward...does not need to battle factions within a party to get things done...The ability to move from side to side having no affiliation to any lobbyist nor hidden party power brokers allows decisions to be made on merit and not as a result of manipulation...

Being a true Independent will allow creative thinking to solutions that major parties cannot do...independence allows one...the true freedom of there being no party ideology to obstruct the use or adoption of current governing systems in a way not yet seen.

Whats going wrong with our political system

Renew faith in democracy, wise words Kerry Packer

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Stuart Howe Parkes Electorate NSW

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