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Stuart Howe Federal Campaign 2022

My Thoughts Out Loud

"May well we say that what is being attempted here is impossible...
consider this...the possible is not working"

In a world of mistrust, misinformation, and manipulation on a grand scale to ensure (for some amongst us) nothing changes in any great hurry, there will be the expected push back of my vision for our countries future...noteably the greatest burning question will be "How do we pay for all this vision"...and the answer will be "Not with taxpayers money"...and here lies the first part that will be met with great scepticism and disbelief.

How does one individual candidate explain to all Australians what it has taken a lifetime to learn...through the years of working my way through many industries (including the banking system) that make up our world and then forging my own path outside the corporate world...having to adapt systems of financing to suit, that still stay within all rules and ethical bounds, having to rob from "Peter to give to Paul" to survive the lean years of property development of sizeable debt....simply to achieve a one man band outcome.

Having made mention of the powers that currently be, not wishing a system to change greatly...(because as chaotic as it maybe) this system as it stands continues to be lucrative...how does a hopeful future leader put all his cards on the table...tip his hand, give up the keys to the castle so to speak so that I may convince my fellow Australians that this is all not a ruse...veiled lies in an effort to get past the post, to get elected.

If I was to say that having been around the block several times in my fifty something years on the planet...having literally come from the streets and educated by the school of hard knocks...that my greatest concern of revealing too early the concept of funding this dream, is that those who would see fit will circle the wagons to obstruct and subsequently destroy what may very well lead to saving my countries very existence...

How do I suggest, with the greatest respect to Australian voters that the "devil" in this case is NOT in the detail, because this future Member Of Parliament will not be seeking the permission of Governments to access taxpayers funds nor seeking to push through a 'bill' through parliment that will require a majority to pass and subsequently fund the great plan for our future...the funding will come from extensive real life experience using all facets of funding the world over...how then can it be suggested, in the interest of protecting our children's...children's future I cannot reveal too early or even in to much detail, the plan...the way of financing that has always existed, yet no one has dared entertain...until now.

However, it can be suggested the financing will take place over the next thirty years...interest for the same thirty years will be paid for...as will the principle sum be paid back in full within the same time frame and the expectation is to secure between $200 - $500 Billion for this period...simply because I will surround myself with very clever individuals whom will help this hopeful future Member of Parliament put together not only the best business case for all assets needed, then created...but put into motion a funding structure that I have tried, tested and used successfully over a quarter of a century...

My fellow Australians it is hard to trust anyone in any realm in these troubled times, especially trusting someone whom wishes to enter the world of politics...but I say this to you all, it is the position I seek...the name badge only...to open the right doors...speak to the right people, in a way similar to the average person trying to get an audience with a "Private Banker" in charge of deals worth tens of millions of dollars...the average punter or person will not have any hope even traversing the bankers threshold...there has to be the belief that I am truly pure of heart, that my motives are not for my personal gain...far from it...for us all to be able to break through to again live life to the fullest over many future generations to come...it is faith in my abilities and intentions I seek, not condemnation or contempt...

please take this chance to help see this vision for our country through by consenting to give your single vote toward me for the 2022 NSW Parkes Electorate...trust is at a premium at the moment...I very much understand and respect this.

"Everyone matters......the hard is what makes it great"

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Stuart Howe Parkes Electorate NSW

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