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Stuart Howe Federal Campaign 2022

My Campaign Videos

My tribute to all our Australian Diggers

Campaign Video

"Men like me are not supposed to run for political office"

What I Will Bring To The Table

A good part of being an all round leader is being able to create functional systems for the people to properly communicate their collective wants/needs to those of whom the people have elected and put their collective faith in.

Hold The Parties To Account

Truly Independent candidates are not as powerless as you may have been told or you may think, quite the opposite is true. Freedom to be un-constrained as a leader, then leads to a better, quicker overall outcome for all people.

Statutory Declaration

My written contract/commitment to the people of the Parkes electorate.

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The People Don't Know Their True Power

We have always had the power to control our lives, its just that we haven't tried...before now...to collectively harness that power of the people, no real expense, no real effort, no legislation needed, just the will to make it happen.

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Straight From The Heart

No matter how many video's I produce, no matter how many public speeches I make, being elected will come down to you the elector's on how open you all collectively are...is it great change that you personally seek, or just more of the same?

From Our Past To Our Future

We used to do everything right it seemed by every level of Australian life to be alive meant to be free to have choice, have a decent career, have family time, be part of a wider caring community, when did things change.

Our Collective Focus - Parkes Electorate

We need more than ever to put our differences aside as Aussie's to try and come together regardless of the need for our own team to win, we need to bring about an outcome that will be seen from so far left field it will make political history.

A Time For Change

To force leadership change, to change the current guard of leadership takes a change in societies thinking and priorities.
Be the change you wish to see.

Why Do We Keep Rewarding Bad Governance?

"Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly"....Mahatma Ghandi....

Who Is Stuart Howe Part 1

I am a patriotic Australian, I come from a proud long line of military family. I believe I am the glue to bring together and help unite Australians. I have an extensive plan of how to fix many of the problems Australia faces.

Who Is Stuart Howe Part 2

I Still Call Australia Home

I don't know anymore whether there is much passion for our country and our flag. The film you are about to see portrays for me what I consider represents Australia and Australians for the most part.

Interview With Stuart Howe - Part 1

An interview to allow the electorate of Parkes to try and get to know their candidate for the Federal Election 2022.

Interview With Stuart Howe - Part 2

Part 2 of a comprehensive look into the why, when and then how Stuart Howe will approach the role as Federal Member of Parliament if given the honor by fellow Australians in the next Federal election 2022.

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Stuart Howe Parkes Electorate NSW

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