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Stuart Howe Federal Campaign 2022

Social Media / Media Policy


Recently, the world has had to endure powerful leaders sharing intimate thoughts, (every thought it seems) using social media. It is my true belief that influential leaders have a responsibility to be careful and very considered in what they say, or do for that matter, as these leaders hold considerable sway in society, that can do potential real harm to a nations people.

As a potential future leader I will not be sharing every thought nor will I be a leader whom uses social media as a platform to attack any persons in any regard simply because we may differ in opinion or come from different sides of politics or personal ideals.

I will not be a future leader whom will ever wish to create division by airing a personal opinion or indeed put in motion my support for any future "Bill" or "Act of Parliament" that as a result will further divide my nation, my country, my fellow Australians.

Social Media Platforms

With regards to the use of Twitter, Facebook, initially, other than drawing attention by brief statements on Twitter regarding the start/state of my campaign, I do not intend to use Facebook or Twitter during my duration, if elected, as a Member of Parliament.

The reasoning is that I have no control over whom or what actors would visit these sites to spread untruths or malicious statements for the sake of doing so...while it is true this can happen in other areas and other sites within social media, there is no logic to giving a personal platform for this to happen, as I believe no matter how hard one tries to defend or debunk these untruths it seems the intensity only increases. People with agenda's to destroy and divide will do so anyway, giving a direct platform to do this makes no sense.

I wish to finally say, I have absolutely no problem with anyone using these platforms, to each their own is my principle. I will make available a way to directly communicate with me during the campaign and hopefully in my time as a Member of Parliament through my website. This so people can "own" their comments and beliefs by standing by their emails as well people should, as will I.


In times gone by, leaders used Television as a way of directly talking to the public of many nations. If elected as Member of Parkes Electorate NSW I would like to think that...or compare the likes of...to YouTube as being the closest I will get to a TV station when talking direct to the Australian public.

I would like to regularly update, if possible, Australians on a weekly basis using this medium (or similar) and even use radio stations in more remote areas of Australia.

With regards to the comments section in these platforms, I will be disabling this area for reasons already stated above. The Australian people (if so desired), can download any videos on this Parkes Campaign channel that is used and share with others, whether that be negatively or positively.

My job as a Member of Parliament is to represent the Australian public as best I can, I won't always get it right, and whether Australians support what I do most of the time, but not all the time, is totally up to the individual to decide and to debate.

Main Stream Media

I will not be making myself available for comment with every main stream media outlet that may or may not approach me for comment. I truly believe that the private forces behind many media organisations are there to drive personal agendas and ideologies and are weaponising reporting or the interview process to bring down anyone whom would challenge or bring rise to diversity...this being power protecting itself.

In addition, it is my intention to regularly hold town hall meetings throughout NSW (Australia if need be) so as to directly communicate with those whom support this future Member of Parliament (and of course those that don't) in an effort to open up frank, objective discussion on issues that affect us all...it is not an excuse that the media can portray that as a public figure paid by the public that I must make myself available to media for comment simply to fill in the news day...the Australian people are my electors not the media therefore I will report as regularly and directly as humanly possible to the Australian people.

However, I will give time to media whom have proven that they are willing to report all stories, not just those that suit, I will make sure that those amongst us in the media who don't share obvious bias and are willing to help this future Member of Parliament guide Australia positively forward in ways that help all Australians, that there will be time available to answer questions...I believe some media are a great source of division and therefore create problems for dramatic headlining purposes, to sell a story, and not to take us all forward.


While the above policy will draw condemnation from some, I give this firm commitment to the Australian people whom put their faith in my person, I will do the right thing by you all, I will as much as possible call on you, "the people", to give answers to questions to the direction I will need to vote in parliament...and to those more important questions of what final direction you wish our country, Australia, to go in...I do not need main stream media to act as the medium to this occurring, it will happen as a matter of due course if I am elected as your Member of Parliament, to speak as direct to you all, as again, as much as is humanly possible.

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