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Stuart Howe Federal Campaign 2022

Introduction to the greater future plan

The answer to our future needs as a nation is a version of our past, the entities or structure we use will mimic our past, the use of a system to finance our future will be a combination of what currently exists...but not yet sort or entertained...and the system to oversee or govern (the controlling entity or structure) will be a hybrid of what already exists...but is currently viewed as a polar opposite or separate...either one, or the other is currently used...never the two will meet...until now...

As with any problem the answer can simply be to integrate different components of multiple systems...and for the first time combine them which effectively means utilising the optimum parts of each to create the best "Hybrid" workable solution...this can only be done if the individual is independent of ideology, not motivated by self importance or individual return, and is not blinded by prejudice or self preservation at all costs...

Solutions around the world to the same problems are many, the problem faced in Australia is that we tend to talk and argue, but very rarely attempt to put to bed anything for fear of failure...the solutions presented here are just examples...talking points...

To help find the best solutions that suits Australia's needs will take a Member of Parliament that can organise to test a spectrum of ideas...physically, from around the world...some may fail, but it is in the doing we as a nation will go forward...otherwise we may very well talk ourselves to a premature death.

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Stuart Howe Parkes Electorate NSW

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