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Stuart Howe Federal Campaign 2022

To effect our countries future means to engage in the opportunity

Many Australians proclaim there is little to choose from when voting day comes except for the two major parties. What will be the opinion when Australians do have an alternative...will it mean more political engagement of the Australian citizens...will it mean continued apathy due to disbelief an independent...(that comes from amongst the common people) can really be the catalyst, can be this true agent for change...or will millions of Australians still choose to protest by not voting...protest by saying whats the point...we have no chance of ever influencing our own futures...

Great leaders do not create policy...meaningful policy is created by the clever "in touch" people, that a great leader surrounds themselves with...people from both sides of an argument...and then these great leaders in-turn make the best informed final "directional" decision that will in effect move our nation forward...Currently our major party factional system does not allow for great leaders to emerge or lead...it has the opposite effect...my question to all Australians is that.... if a true great "independent" leader was to emerge from amongst our common ranks....will you take a chance and vote for them....then allow them to lead?

A journey from our past to our future

Where have all the kind hearted leaders gone?

Ensure that our children's future is prosperous

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Stuart Howe Parkes Electorate NSW

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