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Stuart Howe Federal Campaign 2022

A Leader With Vision

A rudderless boat or ship sails nowhere...a country without visionary leaders leads to great turmoil, we once took part as a nation, through a little known country town in "Parkes NSW", to put a man on the moon...When Kennedy announced in the early 1960's the Americans would make this mammoth task a reality within the decade...the technology was not ready, history tells us there were many attempts with many failures, American pilots, astronauts...gave their lives to achieve the unachievable, but it was done...but not without Australia playing a major role through the Parkes observatory in receiving and transcoding the signals from the Apollo mission...we did not hesitate...we did not keep saying it can't be done...we did not keep arguing for the sake of arguing...we tried then failed...tried than failed...but got there in the end.

Whether climate change is happening or it is not, whether it is man made or it is not, does not matter...what matters to this future leader is that there exists an opportunity to tap into a relatively untapped resource...the carbon in our atmosphere, how we do that...there are hints below...why do we do that...because it is hard and untested, as was the vision of going to the moon, but what will be the result...maybe a new source of space rocket fuel to be sent to the moon for refuelling purposes...who knows...the worlds our oyster...but more importantly, what is the greater result...we start to save our planet by ridding ourselves of the very thing that is contributing to our own demise...

My name is Stuart Howe and I don't need a carbon market or upfront profits to make this my vision....come to pass...this will be my nations reality...if given the chance to serve as an Australian Member of Parliament in 2022.

"May well we say that what is being attempted here is impossible...
consider this...the possible is not working"

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Stuart Howe Parkes Electorate NSW

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